Dear world, I’m distracted by summer time

Hey people,
I know I haven’t been posting very frequently. I write blog posts in my head, but then finding the time to sit down and type them out is a completely different matter.

I could make excuses about how I still have yet to buy a computer, and blogging from a smart phone is tedious etc. but the real truth of the matter is this: it’s summer, I’m working 60 hours a week, and these days my free moments are spent frolicking outside, training for a half marathon, teaching yoga, playing with my slightly neglected bulldog, and working in the yard an garden. Throw in laundry, cleaning , and pretending to have a social life ( ok, and watching copious amounts of Arrested Development) and there isn’t a ton of free time to type out my thoughts….

Rather than apologizing, or feeling guilty, I’m choosing to just roll with it. I have some great things to blog about in the upcoming weeks, bulldog birthday parties, half marathon training, engagement parties, garden harvest, and awkward work situations ( yesterday I actually said out loud ” well, we need more sausage baskets!” I also accidentally covered my cousin in lasagna… These are all good stories.)

All I can say, is that I hope you are all enjoying the summer as well, and each of you are equally as busy basking in the sunshine & activities that come with this season.

In the meantime I will appease you with photos from the garden, and a very dapper bulldog.




One thought on “Dear world, I’m distracted by summer time

  1. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    So well put, from the title on down! Love this: “Rather than apologizing, or feeling guilty, I’m choosing to just roll with it.” I myself have been terribly absent from blogging, having become happily lost in my gardens and those of friends wanting my help. Now at last a chilly drizzly day has forced me inside! I’m glad I took a few moments (before tackling overdue housework) to enjoy your terrific blog. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom. Cheers, Gina


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