you win some you lose some.

I started to panic a little bit today when I realized it’s Thursday and I don’t really have a ton of inspiration for a blog post… My other new years goals are hanging on by a thread… lets face it, a salad a day went out the window somewhere around Snowpocalypse, but my blogging aspirations have been holding on strong… Until now… I’m multitasking right now, coordinating some stuff at work, but not really working since its my day off, and overall I’m just feeling kind of meh.  I’m not exactly in a head space to write… which I guess one could argue is actually the best time to write, to work through the meh and find something inspiring… I was planning on writing about yoga, barre, fitness lifestyles, eating cake for breakfast, love handles, healthy snacking and body image… but I’m thinking maybe I will save all of that for a time when I’m feeling a little more like writing… But right now I think I just need to take a breath, gather my thoughts, drink a beer, and not worry so much about not writing. Sorry readers… this isn’t exciting, or inspiring, or funny… But there is always next week… or the chance that tomorrow my motivation will return. =)

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