Seasonal shifts and new adventures ahead

Let me just start by saying that I love this time of year so much. Ok, allergies suck, I’ll give you that, but pollen aside, everything else is just so full of potential. Things are changing, and there is no denying it. Plants are blossoming all over the place, day light is lingering a little bit more, once barren trees are starting to pop with buds, hidden bulbs are emerging. The energy of the season is palpable, and this time of year I always start to feel a little bit excited because THINGS ARE CHANGING! And this year I decided to make a change of my own along with the season.


A few weeks ago I was feeling a little crafty, and like I need to do something creative in my free time, so I threw together a vision board for the year. One section of the board reads “wonderfully unexpected” Lord knows I’m a planner, and I love my lists, and projects, but I cannot deny the allure of those whimsical moments that you never see coming. I can plan out life all I want to, and try to get organized, and then every now and again those unexpected moments and encounters blindside you, and sometimes it can be pretty amazing. (sometimes it takes the form of your dream car that was totally paid off being totaled on your way to work… unexpected yes, wonderfully unexpected, not so much… but you know… Life!) But I’ll take the bad moments with the good moments, because those random unexpected wonderful moments of surprise are the stuff that makes like interesting.


My vision board, and an amazing drawing of Toby on a white board that has been there for almost 2 years. Also a peanut butter cookie recipe.

My vision board, and an amazing drawing of Toby on a white board that has been there for almost 2 years. Also a peanut butter cookie recipe.


And just like that opportunity showed up with a glass of champagne and a job offer… And in 24 hours I had accepted the job, given notice, purchased a new car, paid my taxes… (let it be know that I also vacuumed the house… so really in 24 hours I pretty much met my quota of grown up decisions/ actions for the year. I mean, obviously I’ll keep vacuuming… that’s a weekly deal.)


Giving my notice was slightly bittersweet. I’m really excited about what I’m doing and where I’m going, and I know that without a doubt the decision was right for me and where I’m at. But I’m leaving behind some amazing co-workers… and lets face it I’m also leaving behind some amazing snacks. (goat cheese truffle balls I’ll miss you the most… oh wait, that’s a lie… because we all know the hot chocolate with Chantilly cream is really where my heart is….) Its kind of amazing to me how thick of a bond I have formed with my co-workers over the past year (and no I’m not referring to the Chantilly cream as a co-worker, I’m really talking about the people!) In the restaurant business you are pretty much in the trenches with these people day in and day out, and I’ll miss the daily repartee. But I know that I’m leaving on good terms, I know that I’ll probably help out a little bit this summer, and I know that regardless of where I am or what I’m doing that these people will always be a part of my family. (literally… one of my co-workers is my 3rd cousin.)


And looking back over the past year its really rewarding to be able to see the progress that I’ve made. I can leave feeling like I left the business better off than when I started there. I can see new product that I’m responsible for bringing in on the shelves… I’ve been able to witness the success of events I’ve planned from week to week, and I can see methods that I’ve suggested put into practice, and I can feel good about moving on. I certainly have mixed emotions about leaving the food and wine industry, but mostly I am excited about starting a new adventure. (because we all know I’m not really leaving the food and wine industry… professionally maybe, but these people will always be my people).


So here I am, heading out to a new adventure… living life and embracing the change of pace.



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