New Year, New site

Dear Readers,

Please be patient with me as I start to transition my blog… I figured, what better time to get a blog makeover than the start of the year when I still have two weeks of vacation? Of course, I’m struggling with the formatting and the site a little bit, but hopefully I’ll get the kinks worked out soon without causing myself too much anxiety.  Please check out my last 3 years of blogging here.

I’m also starting the year with some resolutions. Yes, I created my own manifesto for 2013, but on top of that I’m also doing some daily things, that will hopefully help get me out of this funk I’ve been in. Again, what better time to take on some resolutions? I’m in a post-break-up semi-wallow, and am needing some extra projects to get myself a little more emotionally and mentally balanced.

I am going to make my bed everyday: I know, super grown up of me… but as a single, twenty-something who spends very little time in my bedroom, its easy to overlook. Not in 2013!

I am going to wear everything in my closet at least once (even the sparkly mini-skirt) otherwise its going to Goodwill: I am stuck in a bit of a fashion rut… I can’t help it, I’m a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal, and when I’m not wearing that I’m pretty much a yoga pants kinda gal… I’m trying to break that pattern, for personal and professional reasons. I have a plethora of cute clothes, and I’m not going to let the fact that I work at an olive farm/ nursery get in the way of my inner fashionista. I’m not saying I’m going to start wearing heels to work, but maybe more skirts and dresses.

Drink water like its going out of style: Typically I’m drinking coffee like it is going out of style… so again, as it is every year, one of my resolutions is to drink more water. At least twice as much water as I drink coffee, but hopefully more.

Be more polished: This sort of fits in with the above fashion rut… but just overall… I’m going to start painting my nails, wear more jewelry, more lipstick, accessorize, and overall make an attempt to not dress like a yoga clown. I’m going to put thought into my outfits, iron occasionally, and get my fashion sense together.

Teach Toby to skateboard: Self explanatory.

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