Clean Sheet Night: The most wonderful of wonderful things.

Right now I’m celebrating the most wonderful of wonderful things: Clean sheet night. Of all the little pleasures in life, I think this one is by far my favorite… I love the clean linen smell, and the fresh crispness as you climb into bed… like your bed is giving you this fresh hug. All the corners are tucked in, the blankets are in the perfect place…everything is as it should be.

Yes, clean sheet night is the best… but getting to clean sheet night never goes as smoothly as I would hope. You’d think it would be simple. Strip the bed, wash the sheets, put them back on, go about your day, and anticipate that sweet sweet moment when you get to take off your socks, pants, clothes, whatever it is you take off before you crawl into bed. Somehow, in spite of my best efforts and intentions this is never how my sheet washing day unfolds.

Of course it doesn’t help that right now I only own one pair of sheets… (ok this is a lie, I own two… one extra special flannel pair, that are my all time favorite sheets, and have been since I was 16, and they are starting to get a little thread bare, so rather than put them into rotation, they live in my memory, and also under my bed… they are chartreuse flannel and have brightly colored snails on them… They. Are. Amazing… but they have not been put on my bed in years.) So rather than pulling the sheets off the bed & immediately remaking it, I am forced to wait the laundry cycle.

This usually happens on days when I’m getting a lot of things done and feeling really motivated. I’m making lists, I’m running errands, I’m cleaning things, I’m on a roll, and oh why not just wash the sheets real quick! This usually happens at some point during the day when there is sunlight streaming in my bedroom window, and it feels like the happiest place in the house and I have this moment of “oh you know what would be the best thing ever? If tonight was clean sheet night!” So I bundle everything up, put it in the washing machine, and them leave my room for the rest of the day and promptly forget about the next steps.

I’m not entirely sure how it is possible… I have great follow-through when it comes to a lot of things… but re-making my bed in a timely fashion is not one of them… Its like the sheets go in the washer and are immediately dismissed from my memory until that really unfortunate moment, usually really late at night when I finally decide I’m exhausted and need to crawl into bed in 30 seconds or less or something really bad will happen to my mind and or body, and I stumble back into the once sunshine filled room to discover a mound of pillows and blankets and things in disarray. Foiled, yet again.

Today was exactly that day. I had lists, I was motivated, there was sunshine, it was going to be an epic day. I walked the dog, put him to bed, gathered my glass of water and my laptop, and trudged off to the bedroom to tuck myself in for the night… I got to my room, big sigh, put down the computer and the water, and went out to the garage, where I had at least remembered to put the sheets into the dryer…

Back when I lived by myself, I had a few nights of utter weakness, when faced with the task of making the bed, or sleeping immediately, I took refuge on the couch. Normally I would not condone such behavior, (I mean I’m not that lazy!) but with the size of my old bedroom my bed had to be pushed up with one side entirely against a wall… which meant making the bed was actually a challenge. It always ended up being this awkward balancing body flailing thing where I had to lay my entire body out across the bed to try and tuck the sheets into the appropriate corners, and then do this sort of rolling maneuver to get my person out of the way of the sheet and where it needed to be… It was like a bed making obstacle course… and most nights I was up for the challenge… but there were a few late nights when I came home from work, and of course had forgotten the bed was unmade, and I would spend a few moments standing in the middle of the room with a look of disbelief and a posture of defeat, and then slump towards the living room dragging a blanket behind me.

Thankfully tonight isn’t one of those nights. I’m happily tucked in between the sheets, swishing my toes back and forth, relishing the fact that tonight is my favorite night. Tonight is clean sheet night.

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