Super Simple Lemon Curd

This afternoon I made the easiest and most delicious batch of Lemon Curd. I stumbled across the recipe last week on The Kitchn, and my interested was piqued. They made it sound like everyone should have this lovely little topping stashed away to dollop onto an English Muffin… and I have it admit, I started to wonder why I didn’t have a secret stash of lemon curd, because it sounded incredibly yummy. Probably because the one and only time I made lemon curd I remember it being rather laborious, and somewhat hard… maybe that is just because I was inexperienced at cooking, and it curdled… but it is the only thing I actually remember cooking in my loft apartment… maybe its memorable since my lemon tree at the time was thriving… But this recipe sounded simple enough to be just about fool proof, and it was.


What I love about it is that it just takes 3 lemons, and less than a cup of sugar. Sure you still need five egg yolks, and a stick of butter, but this is why I run, so I can eat delicious things like lemon curd. And with the food processor it was super easy. I was nervous at first, because once you pulse it all together it does look curdled and you think you’ve failed before you even really started, but once you start to heat the mixture, the butter begins to melt, and everything smooths out wonderfully. Delicious. I put it on an English muffin immediately, and I ate it before there could be any pictures. Looking forward to mixing some in with my Greek yogurt and granola in the morning… and there is a really good chance I’ll be sneaking spoonfuls right from the jar.


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